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Pick a broker who's right for you.

Unlike most interviews where the job seeker tries to impress the employer, an interview between an agent and a real estate broker is a two-sided process. Not only will the broker be interviewing you, but you will also be interviewing the broker.

In deciding whether to work for a particular broker, you should consider the company's size and atmosphere, the responsibilities you'll be required to fulfill, the support services that will be available to you, the expenses that the broker will cover, and the way the commission will be split.

Also, real estate companies differ greatly in how much they monitor your productivity. Some brokers set specific sales goals for their agents to meet and encourage competition among agents. In this type of company, if an agent doesn't seem to be working hard enough or getting good results, he or she may be let go. Other brokers allow new agents to set their own pace, with the understanding that those who aren't getting listings or making sales will eventually drop out on their own. In choosing a company, you'll have to judge whether you'll thrive in a high-pressure office or do better in a low-key atmosphere.