Washington Management Real Estate

Mission Statement

At Washington Management Co. our mission is to provide clients with innovative thinking, strong, sound management, and in-depth real estate support.  By means of our unique, on-site management system, unparalleled market know-how, and an absolute commitment to quality, our client's investments are able to perform to their fullest potential within a secure environment.

We feel it is a client's success that determines a firm's reputation.  And, it is through a client's sense of well being, that one can draw a sense of pride and accomplishment. 

At Washington Management Company, we wouldn't have it any other way. 

Washington Management Real Estate is a family owned, locally managed, high profile independent real estate services company. The personal touch offered by Washington Management Real Estate distinguishes us in the marketplace. We are a little different and proud of it.

We Know The Business
Real estate experience is not just the number of years —or the number of homes sold. Experience is about commitment. It's knowing the industry, the market, the city, the neighborhoods over 40 years in business. It's leading the right people to the right house. It's the skill of negotiating, an ease with legal contracts, and a comprehensive understanding of the business.

As more of our area's real estate companies affiliate with the national & regional firms, local leadership and control become increasingly rare. It's hard to identify-much less access-the person running the show. Without accessible leadership, agents aren't as effective and may be unable to get the information needed when it's needed.

A "For Sale" sign outside isn't usually enough to drive traffic to your home or alert you to new listings. Marketing makes a big difference. Online listings, open houses, signs, print materials, networking, communication, neighborhood mailings, print advertising and partner support are all components of an effective marketing strategy. We don't "list" homes, we "market" homes.

After all your questions have been answered and concerns allayed, the choice of a company comes down to, well, chemistry. Trust your instinct. Listen to that all-telling gut feeling. This is a significant voyage-who do you want steering the ship? That's why we're dedicated to quality rather than size-and why we recruit on personality, not just performance. We select our agents carefully. And we urge you to do the same.

At Washington Management Real Estate our mission is to provide our clients with innovative thinking; strong, sound real estate practices and in-depth real estate support. We feel it is a client's success that determines a firm's reputation. And, it is through a client's sense of well-being, that one can draw a sense of pride and accomplishment. We wouldn't have it any other way.